September camp with Marisa Papen and Lukas Dvorak

15. – 21. September 2017 in Algarve, Portugal

 Imagine that you could be creating amazing pictures freely for the whole week. Envision yourself in a beautiful location and shooting stunning models during the sunset. For many photographers, this is just a dream, but now, we would like to make this dream a reality for you.

   The September camp with Marisa Papen will be set in Portugal‘s Algarve in September 2017. This place is full of amazing locations, such as wild beaches, rocky cliffs, the architecture of typical Portuguese white houses, burned trees, old windmills, and so on. For a whole week, you will have the chance to be creating amazing pictures with the stunning Marisa Papen. Whether you will shoot during the morning mist or the evening sunset, the choice will be all yours.

Marisa Papen is a free-spirited, wild-hearted expressionist. Traveling the world, living the nomad life. Marisa tries to take people to a different world – her ‘Island’ so called. It’s a place where you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself.
Where you can stay true to your instinct. A place where the creation of expression flows as easy as breathing.

Besides Marisa, another person will be at your full disposal. Lukas Dvorak is a great photographer represented by Leica Gallery and his famous black and white fine art pictures are selling in more than 50 cities around the world. Lukas is a great photography teacher and theoretician. He led many workshops and also teaches photography at University. His famous works such as an Indian Autumn or Above the Fjords were best sellers in the Lumas Gallery. He will be present to teach you about photography, creativity, as well as Photoshop. He will help you to create amazing pictures.

Marisa Papen

Lukas Dvorak


   The camp is focused on creating a series of fine art photographs. You will take a lot of great shots with Marisa and other models, but you will also learn a lot of theory about photography. Believe us – a lot of unique theory! You will be shooting in the mist on the beach during the early morning; in dark caves, when the sun will be burning; or Marisa will be posing for you during the sunset on a wild beach. It will be a great adventure; we will not let you rest. Our goal is to create plenty of great shots! Are you ready?



   The camp will take place in the South/West of Portugal (80km from Faro). The date is set from the 15. – 21.9.2017. By this time, there will be almost no tourists in Algarve, which is perfect for fine art shots. Accommodation and breakfast are included in the price. Lunch, dinner, flight tickets, and cars are not included.


Car information

   We will open a discussion chat about cars. The best way to travel to the location is by renting a car in a team of 3 persons. Rental companies provide one car per driving license; it is, therefore, better to have a car split with others as we are not able to rent all cars under one license. We will gladly help you with the organization.



Every morning there will be a big breakfast as we will be shooting all day long and you will not have time to think about shopping. We can also prepare vegetarian breakfasts. Dinners will be mostly in restaurants. Therefore, everybody will be able to decide where he or she wants to eat, or we could all go together. The same will be with lunches.


Flight tickets

   There are two ways to get to Algarve. The first one is to fly to Lisbon; the second one is to fly to Faro. We can help you to find the best flight tickets. If there will be no connection on the 18.9, you could get there one day earlier.


Full program

15.9. Welcome drink, getting to know each other

16.9. 10.00-12.00 Theory, 13.00-17.00 Location scouting and making plans for the next days

17.9. Shooting

18.9. Shooting / Photoshop

19.9. Shooting / Discussing your works

20.9. Shooting

21.9. Departure 



1 800 Euro