Workshop Milano

14.-15. 10. 2017 in Milan, Italy

Dear friends, I would like to personally invite you to my new workshop about lighting and working with models. In this time, it is very necessary for every photographer to know how to work with daylight and strobes in order to achieve the great look of their pictures and to make girls look timeless. Working with lights is not as easy as it looks at first. It is easy to start with but difficult to master.

This workshop will be about mastering your lighting techniques with daylight and studio lights.

The other aspect is achieving the timeless look of your models. Most photographers get to a frozen point and cannot escape kitschy cliches due to bad communication with models. To make models looks beautiful, you don’t need light only, but you also need to know how to communicate with models and how to pose them properly.

We will learn that it is necessary to have a great make-up artist and stylist, how to develop your own signature and how to shoot eye catchy pictures without mistakes.

The workshop will be placed in a studio in Milan, Italy, with beautiful morning light on the terrace, where we can use 5m large windows in order to achieve an amazing look in the afternoon and where we can manage classic studio sets with ProFoto strobes

The workshop will be for a maximum of ten persons and there will be two models from modeling agencies at your disposal.

The workshop is set for beginners as well as for advanced photographers.

About Lukas Dvorak

Lukas Dvorak is a fashion photographer, who is working in Milan, Prague, Paris and other European capitals. He shot editorials for magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Style, Flair, D Magazine, GQ, Playboy, Dolce Vita, Woman, Forest, Factice, Fashion also. He is shooting models for most Italian agencies such as Next, Elite, Why Not, Woman, MP, Brave, and Fashion.

Workshop schedule

The workshop is largely composed of a theory that will be discussed throughout the day. We recommend taking a piece of paper and pencil with you as you will hear a lot of information that will be useful for your future work.

Day 1

In the first module, you will see how I work with models and with my team in the daylight. We will be discussing on how to pose properly, how to use lights, how to turn a model astonishing on the picture, how to communicate with the models and what we need to pay attention to.

In the second module, we will work with studio lights, while in the third module you will have a free creative hand during the sunset lights.

Throughout the workshop, you will be able to work by yourself and meliorate your techniques by creating your own masterpieces.


Day 2

All day photo shoot, questions & answers, final theory.






€ 450