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International workshop in English language - Prague 29-30.4.2023


I would like to invite you to my international workshop which will take a place in Prague and it will last a whole weekend. I’m doing workshops for the last 12 years and thought this time I was developing the best possible way how to give participants the most useful knowledge. So I have created the Creative portrait workshop which is summarizing all of the knowledge and experience which I have gained in my career. The main part of the workshop is creative thinking and how to use it in photography. There are many ways you can learn how to become more creative and as well there are many things which are influencing you directly. Photography without idea is like food without salt. People often say that everything was shot, but that is not true! There are so many things that weren’t shot and the proof is that every year there is some new photographer who is taking photography in very original ways. We will explore creative approaches very deeply. 


In the second part, we will work with models. The base of my work is to make women very beautiful in the images. There are certain rules of lighting and posing that I will teach you to enhance your work with models. The photography work could be full of many mistakes. Mistakes are not so obvious, but these basic mistakes are not allowing photographers to become professionals. 

We will speak about controlling details, being calm at the shooting, and being fully aware of the present moment. We will speak about communication with your team and as well with models to get the best out of them because you are the director and people needs to know what exactly you would like to create. 


In the studio, we will work with daylight and as well with Profoto flashlights. I will show you how many different options you have with each lighting style. Other necessary part of your photography is make-up, styling, and assistant. You need to learn to control it, to find the best people for your work and the same applies to the casting of the models. 


On the second day, we will continue with theory. We will speak about psychology. Many things are making differences between photographers, and one of them is self-motivation and control of the ego. Some photographers have talents but they can’t develop themselves because they stack in rigidity or they didn’t find the lightness of life.


The workshop is very complex and it's stated for both enthusiasts and semi-professional photographers. 


Because many of you will be traveling from abroad the date is set in advance. Because I need to be sure you are truly interested in finishing the registration you need to pay 200 euros in advance. The rest of the price could be paid at the latest 30 days before the workshop. 


There will be professional stylists, make-up artists, assistants, and models at the workshop. 

You will need your camera, notebook and a good mood. 


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me at or at the registration form. 


                                                                                                                                     Price of the  workshop:

600 EURO you have to pay 200euro as registration and rest 30 day before.


29. and 30. 4. 2023. 


Max 12 participants.


In the case of interest please register here:


Thanks for registration

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